Fiji Compared to Top Outsourcing Countries
Fiji Compared to Top Outsourcing Countries

Fiji Compared to Top Outsourcing Countries

India, the Philippines, and Malaysia have been the top outsourcing countries for decades. However, it was mainly because people did not have much choice. Fiji has been emerging as a great business process outsourcing (BPO) services option for some time now as it offers many additional benefits and minimizes the drawbacks as compared to these three countries. Let us look at some of the advantages that Fiji offers and drawbacks of outsourcing to the ex-top outsourcing countries. 


Fiji has been a top tourist destination for decades, and that has made it observe and interact with many different cultures. The way we work in Fiji has been affected for the better. This alignment makes our skilled workforce ideal for the service sector and coherent with clients’ expectations.


The cost benefits offered by Fiji are highly advantageous no matter where you are in the world. Hiring the BPO services in Fiji can save you up to 70% of your operational costs.


The central location of Fiji offers a time zone advantage as well as time-saving in travelling. If you are in Australia, you can have a meeting at your office over breakfast and catch up with your Fijian team over the evening tea.

Better management of Covid-19, staff retention, local infrastructure, high literacy rate, average young age, and English proficiency are other reasons that give Fiji an edge over Malaysia, India, and the Philippines.

Disadvantages of BPO to the Other Top Outsourcing Countries

The culture of India, Malaysia, and the Philippines is very different from most of the countries that outsource their business operations. The countries have been working as BPO service providers and have formulated their work and have discovered shortcuts that can deter your business’s performance. Many BPO service providers hire third parties like freelancers to carry out your operations that make the communication gap even wider. The English proficiency and accent problem persist in these countries, and the quality often drops over time.

The political movements in the countries can also negatively impact your operations and pressured local infrastructures can leave your offshore teams more vulnerable to natural disasters. Comparing Fiji with the previously top outsourcing countries clearly shows Why Fiji is a better BPO service-providing country. Fiji is uniquely positioned to offer the BPO industry all it needs and even more. Whether you are operating a BPO and looking to expand to a new location or you are seeking to outsource, we are here for you. Connect with us here below and see how your business can excel.