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Become a Member

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Your membership comes with great advantages and exposure to your business.

Member Benefits

Access to leads through:
  • Market Development Facility (MDF) funded lead generation program in Australia.
  • Inquiries coming through the Council website.
  • Other funded lead generation programs that the Council is currently working on.
Brand Awareness through:
  • Advertising on the Council’s digital marketing platforms (website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook).
  • Links to member sites on the Council’s website.

Types of Membership

  • Corporate Member – Encompasses entities involved in various aspects of the outsourcing industry, including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operators, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firms, and shared services providers. This tier caters to organizations contributing to the growth and development of the outsourcing sector in Fiji.
  • Associate Member – Designed for vendors, service providers, and infrastructure providers that support the outsourcing industry. This tier facilitates collaboration and partnership between entities outside the industry and the outsourcing sector in Fiji.
  • Individual Member – Startups and entrepreneurs in the OS space can offer a comprehensive package of resources, support, and connections that are crucial for scaling their businesses and thriving in this dynamic industry.
  • International Member – Tailored for professionals residing outside of Fiji who wish to remain connected to and engaged with the outsourcing industry in Fiji. This tier provides global professionals with insights into the developments and opportunities within the Fiji outsourcing community.


  • Corporate Member       –  $1,050.00 VEP
  • Associate Member        –  $850.00 VEP
  • Individual Member        –  $650.00 VEP
  • International Member   –  $750.00 VEP

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