BPO Setup Requirements
BPO Setup Requirements

BPO Setup Requirements

A business process outsourcing (BPO) company accepts the outsourcing of non-core operations from firms and businesses. Firms and businesses do that so that they can focus on their main operations and value generation activities. As a BPO organization, you let other businesses forego the hassle of employing people and setting up departments.

Nowadays, companies across the world are starting to realize the benefits of outsourcing their operations. Thus, a BPO setup is a valuable business model to operate. Fiji has been making great leaps in the BPO industry, offering incentives to BPOs across the globe to operate in Fiji. The advancements of the country in this regard are backed up by the Fijian government, and here at the Fiji BPO Council, we assist new BPOs in setting up as an added value benefit to our new members. Generally, the BPO setup requirements include the following:

Determining the Type of BPO to Operate

Identifying and determining your niche allows you to identify the industry sector you engage in. It also gives you a direction to the activities and clients your business will engage with.

Create a Business Plan

Planning is essential for any business, and so is the case with a BPO setup. Pre-deciding how you will market your business and acquire your workforce is important before you dive into it.


Get the information on all the necessary paperwork requirements of Fiji to start a BPO business.

Invest in Equipment

The type of BPO services you plan to provide will dictate the type of equipment you will require. It is important to equip your firm with the latest technology and tools.

Staffing Your Business

The main source of getting work done in any BPO service is its employees. You need to hire energetic and efficient people to carry out tasks.

Getting Clients

When you are ready to serve businesses, all you need is the businesses you will serve to. Market your firm to acquire clients and do your best to retain them.

The Fiji BPO Council offers its membership to companies that come with a number of benefits. The Council aids in setup, government paperwork, and marketing where we direct clients to our members. You can become a member of the Fiji BPO Council to benefit from its outreach and operations. Connect with us below and let’s get you started.