How to Not Regret Making an Investment in BPO?
How to Not Regret Making an Investment in BPO?

How to Not Regret Making an Investment in BPO?

One of the major risk factors of investing in BPO in another country that makes investors reluctant is the non-transparency of the operations. Being away from the team working for you and not having direct control can lead to the decision not to invest in business processing outsourcing. The ever-changing government policies and political unrest are also factors that de-motivate investment in BPO.

However, the government of Fiji has taken measures to increase the transparency of the BPO investments in the country. Fiji enjoys political peace and a young population  The Fiji BPO Council and its government work hand-in-hand to make the country the top BPO service providing a place in the world.

With the introduction of tax incentives that include:

  • 20-year tax holiday
  • Duty-free equipment that is used in the outsourcing centres
  • 25% allowance on investment for buildings renovation
  • A 100% tax deduction for employer superannuation contribution
  • And carry forward losses for up to 8 years

The country has become a hub for huge and highly profitable investments in BPO. The simple investment approval process of Fiji makes it easy to make a high-yielding investment in BPO without wasting any time.

The political coherence allows the country to have a service culture, prevailing English language skills, a +95% literacy rate, a location-hub for global communication and transportation, low operational costs, reliable IT infrastructure, and skilled labour and workforce. The increased transparency regulations and policies allow you to be constantly aware of the flow of your investment in BPO and its profits. The central location and friendly and flexible culture allow you to have control over your finances. There are a number of case studies that prove the accomplishments, advantages, and benefits of making an investment in Fiji. Connect with us here and let’s get you started!