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Who We Are?

Who We Are?

About Outsource Fiji

In 2017, Fiji’s stakeholders kick-started the formation of the Fiji BPO Council (BPOC), also known as Outsource Fiji. Outsource Fiji is the industry body that guides and ensures the development of the outsourcing industry in Fiji. The BPO Council is headed by the private sector and has governmental support from the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and TransportInvestment Fiji, and Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation. Founding members are Centrecom, Lyndhurst Group of Companies, Greymouse, DHL, Vodafone Fiji Limited, ANZ Pacific Operations, Recoveries Corporation Pty Ltd, Telecom Fiji Limited and BSP Life.

Outsource Fiji has developed a strategy that covers industry development and market access. Key deliverables of the strategy are market research, brand and product-service awareness, and operational structure. The Council currently consists of active members involved in Voice Technology, Call Center Operations, Back Office Operations, Airline Reservations, Worldwide Freight Shipping, Building and Infrastructure, Government, Insurance, Banking & Finance, Debt Collection, Virtual Human Resource, Telecommunication, and Sales & Marketing.


Future-proofing Fiji’s economy by creating a sustainable outsourcing industry. 


Fostering a conducive ecosystem for the business process outsourcing industry, marketing Fiji as the outsourcing destination of choice and enabling the industry to become a sustainable pillar for Fiji’s economy.

Where Are We Now?

Fiji is fortunate to have a well-established and rapidly growing outsourcing industry, with real potential to continue to grow and provide significant support to the Fiji economy. 

Fiji’s outsourcing industry has expanded significantly over the past decade, and Fiji is now positioned as the leading outsourcing destination for the Pacific region. This is evident as Fiji has managed to secure its position by attracting major and renowned BPO investors to reposition their back-office processing in Fiji.

Fiji’s outsourcing industry contributes approximately A$160 million per annum to the Fiji economy, and this is expected to triple in the next three years. 

This success has been made possible through the support of the Fiji Government, the improved infrastructure and technological facilities and the leveraging of Fiji’s many natural and other advantages which make Fiji the ideal choice for BPO service delivery.

Where Are We Heading?

Companies all over the world are re-evaluating their strategies for outsourcing. Some companies have looked at reshoring back to their own countries with a view to look at alternate destinations for nearshoring or offshoring options in the medium to long term. This presents a major opportunity for Fiji. The potential for growth for Fiji’s outsourcing industry is significant. As Fiji delves into the diversification of its major industries, business process outsourcing provides a real and tangible alternative to Fiji’s traditional areas of focus, to contribute to the country’s economic growth and provide new jobs to its young population.

Today, Fiji has several contact centres providing outsourcing services for well-known brands across the globe and is continuing to grow. Currently, the outsourcing industry provides employment to over 8000 Fijians with the potential to increase to over 15,000 in the next couple of years. With English as the main language, having a well-educated workforce that has customer service in their DNA and having a robust infrastructure Fiji has a service offering that is competitive with other countries.

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