Fiji’s Growing Outsourcing Industry

Fiji’s Growing Outsourcing Industry








Fiji’s Growing Outsourcing Industry

As the demand for workforce in the BPO, KPO, and shared services sector increases, more and more international businesses choose to outsource their operations to countries, such as India and the Philippines can meet this demand. During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses operating in these larger countries struggled to operate, whereas Fiji began to outshine them through the Fijian Government’s successful efforts in containing the virus, allowing businesses in Fiji’s outsourcing (OS) industry to continue operations without many disruptions. This gave Fiji leverage in marketing itself as a risk diversification outsourcing destination.

During the pandemic, the Fijian Government also announced the industry as an essential service provider due to Fiji’s ability to quickly adapt to the pandemic’s work-from-home model; Fiji’s high-quality workforce; and the introduction of tax incentives for the industry, which attracted many international BPOs, KPOs, and shared service providers to move part of their operations from larger outsourcing countries, into Fiji.

“What we see in Fiji is that there is an eagerness to learn; the attrition rates are
actually very attractive compared to some of the other locations; and people in Fiji
see the BPO sector as a true career path” – Alan Graham, Chief Commercial Officer,

Fiji’s Outsourcing Industry contributes approximately AUD$160 million per annum to the Fijian economy and is expected to triple in the years to come. The success of this industry has been made possible through the support of the Fijian Government, the improved infrastructure and technological advancement, and the leveraging of Fiji’s many natural advantages, which make Fiji the ideal choice for outsourcing service delivery.

“The resilience that comes with the Pacific people is not one that comes easily to any other place. They bring their best, whether it’s the worst cyclone or the COVID pandemic, and 98% of our workforce building resilience in business continuity by working from home, and delivering the best service can attest to that. And with the right outlook, the right investment, the right infrastructure and governance process, I think there are enormous opportunities here in Fiji.” – Mr Ritesh Singh, Former Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, ANZ Pacific Operations.

Today, Fiji has several BPO’s, KPO’s, shared services centres, and global business centres providing services for well-known brands across the globe and are continuing to grow. Currently, Fiji’s outsourcing industry provides employment to approximately 8000 Fijians with the potential to increase to 25,000 employees by 2025.

Outsource Fiji – who are we?

Outsource Fiji (Also known as the Business Process Outsourcing Council of Fiji), is an industry body that guides and ensures the development of the outsourcing industry in Fiji. Outsource Fiji is headed by the private sector, and has support from the Fijian Government, along with its development partners such as the Australian Government’s Market Development Facility.

Outsource Fiji has over 30 active members under its umbrella which comprises of BPOs, KPOs, shared service operators, investment facilitators, infrastructure providers, and technology partners.

Here’s what Outsource Fiji does:

● Provide membership support services to industry players.
● Promote and market Fiji as a Premier Outsourcing Destination.
● Promote and market services provided by members.
● Generate Leads for members through promotions and marketing events.
● Advocacy and policy recommendations for the outsourcing industry.
● Protection of the outsourcing industry.
● Certifications and recognition (Building a rapport for the Fijian outsourcing industry
in the global market) – building trust through membership validation hence
reducing risk for potential outsourcing clients.
● Manage Strategic Partnerships with the Public sector, private sector, and CSO’s.
● Hub for resource sharing, training, and mobilization.
● Startup support services and information centre for startup BPOs.
● Assist with outsourcing investment facilitation and after-care for overseas and local
OS investors.
● The hub for all outsourcing-related information and services.
● Assist the industry to become one of the major employers in the Fijian economy.
● Foster member collaboration and networking.
● Provide access to professional development opportunities, including knowledge
sharing, content, and thought leadership.
● Assist with OS centric curriculum development with higher education and tertiary

What Fiji Offers
There are many reasons why businesses choose to outsource their work functions to other countries, including Fiji; some of the major reasons are to save operations costs, maneuver the company into a more competitive position, and solve manpower issues without the cost of hiring more employees. As a premium outsourcing destination, Fiji has been able to fill in these gaps for its international clients.
As part of its marketing campaigns, Outsource Fiji has been able to successfully promote Fiji through our brand, which is a helping hand gesture that represents our people and their excellent service culture, and their ability to deliver an excellent customer experience.

In line with our brand, we have been marketing Fiji with the following:

1. Skilled Workforce

Young and Tech-Savvy Workforce – With a young educated labor force with, excellent command of the English language with a neutral accent, Fiji presents unique opportunities for potential investments.
Inherent Service Culture -The people, with their inherent service culture, are well placed to serve the growing demand for global outsourcing services as a new, safe, and reliable outsourcing destination. Fiji is well known for friendly customer service and “bula” smiles. Partnering with our BPOs will ensure that your customers receive the best service which could translate into customer loyalty for your brand/company.

High Literacy Rate – Fiji is privileged to have a 96% literacy rate which puts us in a favorable position in comparison to other competing countries providing outsourcing services.

Access to a highly skilled workforce – Fiji has a talent pool of approximately 5,000 new graduates entering the workforce annually. Most entry-level employees in the outsourcing industry are university graduates.

Low Staff Turnover and Staff Loyalty- Jobs in the Outsourcing Industry are considered prestigious in the Pacific because of the working environment. The industry offers international job experience to the locals which keeps them motivated to stay with your brand and company for the long term. Jobs are limited in the Pacific so with every job advert it is likely that companies could receive over hundreds of applications from highly qualified candidates.

2. Culture & Stability

The Fijian culture is an extremely important part of why Fiji is ideal for operating business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. Fiji is considered the hub of the Pacific, connecting the Pacific islands with the rest of the world. The country has demonstrated stability and fosters a business-friendly environment to encourage investments.

Fiji has an ancient and living culture and this is celebrated by Outsource Fiji and its members. The genuine warmth and care of the Fijian people need to be experienced to be appreciated. You hear about the friendly people of Fiji but it is not until you encounter one of us that you will fully understand how the Fijian way of life integrates so harmoniously with the services BPO companies offer.

The Fijian culture is much about community and family, just so is our Fiji BPO Council’s commitment to our members and our clients. We represent a community of experts and offer world-class services in outsourcing.

3. Incentives
The Fijian Government is committed to steering Fiji toward economic prosperity through incentives such as:

● Eliminating business licensing
● Introducing tax incentives targeted at businesses and households
● Across-the-board reductions in customs tariffs and streamlining of processes
● Introducing Business Visitor Visa
All of these aim to improve the ease of doing business in Fiji, making us one of the most
competitive destinations for businesses. Via its Investment Fiji arm, the Government
offers several incentives to encourage BPOs to open delivery centers in Fiji, including:
● 20 – year tax holiday
● Duty-free equipment used in outsourcing centres
● Carry forward losses up to 8 years
● 25% investment allowance for the renovation of buildings
● 100% tax deduction for Employer superannuation contribution
● No stamp duty
● Employment taxation schemes enabling tax deductions as follows:
▪ 400% – employees with disabilities
▪ 300% – first-time employees
▪ 300% – work placements
▪ 300% – part-time workers
▪ 150% – employee development
▪ 150% – relating to family care
▪ 150% – relating to paternity leave

Having an ICT infrastructure that is reliable and affordable is key for the sustainability of the industry, and Outsource Fiji works with key stakeholders to provide tailored solutions for the Outsourcing sector. With direct access to the Southern Cross network cable, our network providers are consistently innovating solutions for Fiji’s Outsourcing Sector with competitive rates and exceptional support services.

Outsource Fiji is also grateful to the Fijian Government for its commitment to building a second landing station in the Western Division which will allow Fiji to become more resilient and reliable with our service offerings. The second landing station will help us avoid a single source of failure, allowing businesses to continue operations should there be a disaster like the one in Tonga.

The submarine fiber optic cable will also increase the stability of our telecommunication network and will strengthen Fiji’s position as the Pacific’s ICT hub, making Fiji truly a risk diversification location.

● Building
Our modern office building and OS operations-ready structures provide ease of operations and are in major towns and cities throughout Fiji with Suva (our capital city) being the hub for outsourcing operations. Moreover, to ensure the office spaces leased are in line with international best practices, Outsource Fiji in partnership with the Australian Government’s Market Development Facility has launched an Infrastructure and Office Fit-Out Standards Document for property owners and developers to use as a guideline when leasing out the property to businesses in Fiji’s outsourcing industry. In terms of building infrastructure, Outsource Fiji believes that growth is scalable with Major Business Park investments planned in the Kalabu Tax-Free Zone (developed by the Lyndhurst Group) and Navutu Lautoka (developed by FNPF), TFL business park in Suva by Telecommunications Fiji Limited (TFL), and Naisoso park (being developed by Tourism Capital Projects) and development in Sabeto, Nadi by Vulani Group.

To ensure uninterrupted and high-quality service, Fiji offers:

● Excellent transportation network (easy commute to work)
● 24*7 Electricity and Water Supply with backup support in case of emergency
● World-class International airport and Fiji’s International Airline

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