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Executive Director Message

Executive Director Message

Executive Director Sagufta Janif

Bula and welcome to Fiji! If you are looking for an outsourcing destination, then you have come to the right place, we would be happy to host you and your business in our bula land. 

Fiji is the most sought after business process outsourcing destination. With our inherent service culture, access to modern infrastructure and cutting edge technology we are best placed to take care of all your outsourcing needs. 

The BPO Council currently comprises active members involved in Voice Technology, Call Center Operations, Back Office Operations, Airline Reservations, Worldwide Freight Shipping, Building and Infrastructure, Government, Insurance, Banking & Finance, Debt Collection, Virtual Human Resource and Telecommunication to name a few. 

Whether you are looking to outsource your business processes or invest in a BPO business, we are here to facilitate all your needs and requests. The Fiji BPO council is the “ultimate hub” for all your BPO needs!

For BPOs

Opening up a BPO centre doesn’t have to be difficult. With our excellent tax incentives, infrastructure, access to technology, a quality workforce, time  zone and location, your business will be on its way to success from inception. In 2020, Fiji’s BPO industry earned $66M (AUD) and it presently employs 5000 people. 

For Clients of BPOs

The world is progressing faster everyday, businesses are growing rapidly and markets are becoming competitive. In this highly fast paced and technology infused world, all businesses want to be ahead of the competition and outsourcing is the best competitive advantage you can have. Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on the things you do best and outsource your least favorite or most expensive/time consuming tasks to someone else and at a fraction of the cost?! 

Sounds crazy right? But with this digitally connected virtual world, this is now possible. Outsourcing is the future of smart business operations. So don’t be left behind, Talk to us and let us direct you to the best BPO services Fiji has to offer. You are one click away from saving at least 70% of your operations cost. 

Connect with the council below and find out how we can assist your business.