Covid-19 Response: Fiji is Staying Ahead
Covid-19 Response: Fiji is Staying Ahead

Covid-19 Response: Fiji is Staying Ahead

In the global race for Covid-19 response, Fiji is staying well ahead of many countries. Since the Covid-19 was declared as a global pandemic, Fiji made safety and health its top priority. The government was quick to respond and took immediate and effective measures to mitigate the outbreak and ensure the safety of its people and the running of the businesses.


The total number of deaths in the islands is still under 100, and constant Covid-19 precautions are being taken to prevent it any further. Some of these precautions include:

  • Adopting a contact-tracing application
  • Ensuring proper sanitation
  • Implementing and practicing social distancing protocols
  • Placing border quarantine protocols

Specifically for the business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in Fiji, they have re-strategized and were operational despite Covid-19 with few adaptations, including: 

  • Staff working from home and some from offices.
  • Classification as Essential Services which allows opening whilst adhering to COVID protocols.
  • Availability of additional staff to take on more work.


In February 2021, the World Travel and Tourism Council declared Fiji as a safe travels destination, appreciating and acknowledging the country’s efforts. The business industry did not lag behind in this regard and implemented and maintained the top-notch protocols that defy the advances of Covid-19. The employees and the management of the businesses in Fiji worked together to ensure a break of chain, and they are maintaining their careful Covid-19 precautions to ensure there is no disruption in the services that Fiji provides to the world.

Even with the outbreak in April 2021 and later on through the outbreak in January 2022, the government ensured the rollout of Covid-19 vaccination in the past few months at a quick pace and now aims to protect the whole of Fiji’s eligible population through vaccination by the end of this year. The tourism industry of Fiji adopted the ‘Care Fiji Program’ to make sure the tourists and the local population stay protected, and the disease stays controlled. The program is WHO approved and accredited with its standard of best health and safety practices and controlling measures. 

Vaccination within the BPO Industry

The BPO council members employ approximately 5000 people, and above 60% of the industry’s workforce has already been vaccinated. Some of our BPO companies are even providing transportation to vaccination sites for their staff and their families. Our members have been following all the Covid-19 safe protocols set by the government. But if we want to operate at full capacity, get more clients on board, and create more jobs, we need to ensure that we reach the 100% vaccination target for our members and their employees.

Hence, we can say that when it comes to the Covid-19 response, Fiji is among the countries that handled the pandemic most efficiently and effectively. The credit for it goes to both the country’s government and its people and the bond and unity they share with each other. The council is heeding the lessons from the disruption experienced by the industry and is ready to support members and new BPO entrants to Fiji. Schedule your consultation today here!