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Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Ministry of Commerce Trade Tourism and Transport

The Ministry represents the Fijian’s government commitment to support the BPO industry in Fiji. The Council and the Fijian Government are positioning Fiji as the BPO hub of the region. Through our partnership with the government, the Council succeeded in securing “Essential-Status” for our BPO members’ operations and so in following the COVID safety measures they were able to ensure business continuity. 

Further, the government is taking steps through valuable initiatives and incentives such as eliminating business licensing, tax cuts, reductions in customs tariffs, and streamlining of processes. The Council is committed to working closely with the Ministry to attract new investments in the BPO industry in Fiji and in supporting our members providing employment in the BPO sector.

Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation (FCEF)

FCEF’s position is unique in that it represents and is involved in activities ranging from airlines to warehouses and everything in between, unlike other employer organisations that tend to be involved in the specific sectoral interests or activity grouping of their members.

Market Development Facility (MDF)

Market Development Facility (MDF) is an Australian multi-country initiative that uses a Market Systems Development (MSD) approach to promote sustainable economic development, through higher incomes for women and men, in partner countries. They connect individuals, businesses, governments and NGOs with each other, and with markets at home and abroad. 

MDF in Fiji traditionally works in the key sectors of agriculture and tourism to improve their resilience and competitiveness and has recently expanded to support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) business development services and into the emergent outsourced services sub-sector. 

In supporting the Fiji BPO Council, MDF will market Fiji as an outsourcing destination to attract new businesses to set up in Fiji, creating more local employment for urban youth and women. Through this partnership, service providers will look to leverage Fiji’s comparative advantage to serve the demands of nearshore markets such as Australia and New Zealand as well as offshore markets. The goal is to enhance investment and coordination and to allow partnerships to flourish, strengthening inclusive economic growth.

Business Link Pacific 

Business Link Pacific (BLP) lends its support to help Fiji become a regional business hub for online services such as business process outsourcing (BPO). The advisory service network for small and medium sized businesses has partnered with our BPO Council to help us fulfil our strategy by providing training for members and enabling BPO operators to join the council as paying members. BLP is a private sector development program funded by the New Zealand government which operates in Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and Papua New Guinea.

Become a Supporter

The council welcomes new supporters. The Fiji BPO Council is driven by partnership, learning together, and promoting positive change. Through our work in marketing Fiji as an outsourcing destination and supporting our members, we make a real difference in the lives of our BPO workforce. Supporting us can mean anything from simple event sponsorship to long-term collaboration. Joining forces with the Council delivers our supporters tangible benefits in enhancing your brand, gaining access to our network of expertise, and achieving your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims. Contact us here and let us start the conversation.