Fiji Among the New Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Destinations
Fiji Among the New Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Destinations

Fiji Among the New Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Destinations

Fiji is gaining market share among the new outsourcing destinations, courtesy of the ongoing innovative improvements that empower business processes. While access to low-cost labour was previously the prevalent motivation, currently emerging markets compete more on the availability and capacities of their workforce. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services market is highly competitive where differentiation of service offerings and leverage of essential resources, including cultural and language proficiency, distinguishes Fiji as a formidable competitor among the new outsourcing destinations.

Emerging Markets in the BPO Industry

Among the key emerging markets are the Middle East and Africa, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), South America and Asia. Few markets offer high-value actions, such as research and development (R&D) and knowledge-intensive undertaking, while others are primarily competing on labour costs, struggling to differentiate. It is worth mentioning, because of the effects of COIVD-19 on many tourism-based economies, some countries in the Caribbean are also gearing up their outsourcing offers. The close proximity of Fiji to Australia and New Zealand will always situate it front and centre as a preferred BPO destination and Hub of the Pacific. 

As for the North American, European, and Asian markets, still, Fiji is attractive for more than its location. Selecting a BPO location is one of the vital challenges that companies face when making offshoring and outsourcing decisions. A decision to relocate a back-office function or to set up a new facility abroad is based to a great extent on the attractiveness of the outsourcing location. Key factors to consider when selecting an offshoring destination include:

  •     costs
  •     skills
  •     environment
  •     quality of infrastructure
  •     risks
  •     market potential

Based on the latest research, skills are considered the most important factor. However, in some outsourcing decisions, while the attractiveness of the location is of importance, it is no less important to consider the attractiveness of the suppliers themselves. In all cases, Fiji has the differentiator of skilled workforce, (link to skilled workforce page)  service culture, and neutral accent that puts it above all other offshoring destinations. By far, it is the best country to outsource call centre among other BPO services.

List of New Offshoring Countries:

  1. Colombia
  •     The workforce is technically adept.
  •     Close proximity to the US.

 2. Bulgaria

  •     Low cost.
  •     Workers speak all major European languages.

 3. Egypt

  •     Tax incentives.
  •     Developing infrastructure.

 4. Romania

  •     Fast internet connection.
  •     Low-cost.

 5. Mexico

  •     Proximity to Silicon Valley.
  •     IT professionals working in the BPO sector.

Why Fiji

How Fiji stacks up against the competition, in other words, why Fiji?

  •     Service culture
  •     Skilled workforce
  •     English proficiency with neutral accent
  •     Booming infrastructure
  •     Tax incentives
  •     Political stability
  •     Low cost 

For BPOs, Fiji is the finest among emerging market countries. This is because of its unique combination of service culture and skilled workforce. Especially, for the BPOs, our workforce understands the nature of the job and can perform better than any other competitor. Join us in Fiji and check out for yourself how we can assist your business in setting up.