Role of Location and IT Infrastructure in the BPO Industry
Role of Location and IT Infrastructure in the BPO Industry

Role of Location and IT Infrastructure in the BPO Industry

As an entity looking to outsource your business operations, you need to research the factors that are important in the BPO industry. It is one thing to offer exceptional outsourcing services but being able to be actually efficient and result getting, the BPO industry needs to be positioned in a suitable location and have a strong IT infrastructure.

Location, Location, Location

Fiji enjoys a centralized location that is perfect for its BPO industry to run effectively. It is twelve hours ahead of the General Mean Time (GMT), which means the BPO service providers in the country can offer you assistance and support when your country is inactive. However, most of the BPO service providing organizations in Fiji offer 24 hours services. It is a small country, and the skilled workers live in close proximity to the offices. Natural disasters and challenges have a very low impact on the country as compared to the other outsourcing countries.

Culture & Stability

Fiji has a friendly environment with no political unrest. Its tourism industry is a huge success, allowing it to constantly host people from all over the world. This has provided its population with a universal culture and English proficiency that helps in efficient service provision. The country’s government and other organizations like us (The Fiji BPO Council) aim at making the country the world’s top outsourcing place. You can take a four-hour flight to Nadi if you are in Australia to meet with your offshore team.

IT Infrastructure

The importance of IT infrastructure cannot be understated, especially in this digital age. Fiji has a reliable IT structure with fast internet, heavy IT equipment, and high-quality computers to allow its employees to work proficiently. A heavy investment towards Fiji’s IT infrastructure has enabled the country to offer IT solutions and innovations to businesses across the globe. Outsourcing IT operations and helpdesks to Fiji is becoming more and more popular and common due to its solid grasp on IT. The country has a literacy rate of 94%, and the population is more than capable of handling the most modern and up-to-date IT operations. So what are you waiting for? Request your quote here.