How Youth Employment Impacts a Business?
How Youth Employment Impacts a Business?

How Youth Employment Impacts a Business?

The world has been seeing a decline in youth employment as companies look to hire experienced and mature individuals. However, employing young people entails a number of benefits for the company they work for and for the country they represent.

It has been observed that the value production and innovations in businesses with young employees are far more than the exceptions, especially for business process outsourcing (BPO) service providers. Fiji is quick to assess and employ the benefits of hiring young blood. The country has an advantage in that regard as we have a population with a median age of 27.9 years. The literacy rate of the country is an impressive 99.1% (according to World bank 2018 data), and English proficiency is high.

Youth employment has a multitude of benefits and we are listing here a few of the benefits BPOs in Fiji are taking advantage of hiring the youth:

Willingness to Learn

The recent training and education of the young people make sure they are up-to-date with the latest knowledge and information. Their willingness to learn and develop a skill set offers effective benefits to an organization.


Young people tend to get loyal to the firms they work for, owning their challenges and accomplishments. They have not moved around much doing different jobs, making them loyal to the ones they do.


Technology is ever-growing, and employees above a certain age can catch up only to an extent. Youth employment brings with it the knowledge and expertise of the latest technology and tools that can benefit your business in new, unexplored ways.


Experienced employees are trained and practical about problem-solving, but they usually have formalized ways of doing things that they stick with. Young people bring innovation and fresh ideas with them that can help you discover new possibilities to take your business to new heights.

Fiji BPO businesses’ most valuable and top asset is their workforce, and thus, youth employment is benefiting the industry the most. Fiji is proof of that, having high youth employment making excellent advances, and gaining popularity in global BPO service provision. Connect below with the council and find your team with the best-skilled workforce in the BPO industry.