Case Study – Vodafone: Outsourcing End to End Customer Service Process
Case Study – Vodafone: Outsourcing End to End Customer Service Process

Case Study – Vodafone: Outsourcing End to End Customer Service Process

End to end customer service process requires a hefty amount of equipment, IT resources, and personnel, especially if you are a business with a high number of customers. Vodafone is one such multi-national telecommunications company. It offers high-speed internet and cell phone coverage and has a successful presence in 24 countries around the globe. 

Vodafone is a reliable telecommunication company with a great reputation around the globe, so it had to choose a vendor for its end-to-end customer service process outsourcing that is equally reliable. The company went with Packleader BPO in Fiji and received excellent services that handled and managed their appointment setting, inbound and outbound sales, retention and re-contracting, tech support, and quality assurance.

Fiji is an ideal country for the provision of BPO services with a strong IT infrastructure and highly literate workforce, and Packleader BPO is one of the country’s most efficient service providers. Vodafone started by trusting the company with their appointment setting operations but soon realized that Packleader BPO was capable of effectively handling much more and employed them for their end-to-end customer service process as well.

Packleader BPO handled the overflowing customer care efficiently and was assigned the task of handling the Covid-19 crisis for Vodafone as well. With a rock-solid strategy to deal with ad-hoc requests and campaigns, Packleader BPO made sure to be consistent in the following areas:

  • Giving out incentives to their staff to keep the personnel happy and motivated
  • Regularly investing in their L&D team
  • Constantly investing in their HR team
  • Assigning their general manager as the main point of contact
  • Consistently investing in their QA team
  • Regularly investing in their recruitment team

The services from Packleader BPO helped Vodafone collect customer loyalty and satisfaction through an efficient end-to-end customer service process. Vodafone was able to focus on value creation by outsourcing its secondary operations to a professional organization in Fiji. 

Packleader BPO and other BPO service providers in Fiji employ benefits like high literacy rate, time zone, and skilled people that the country provides to this area of service provision. Even if your business is not as big as Vodafone, you can hire the efficient services of the Packleader BPO. Let us know your outsourcing needs below and we will be delighted to assist you.