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In order to gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic telecommunications industry, organizations need to focus on serving the growing demands for connectivity, tackling security issues and innovating new offerings for the latest devices and technology standards. Business process outsourcing has been a strategic way for telecom companies to grow their business and improve their services. Hiring in-house is costly and requires a lot of resources, from the workspace, salaries, and training to IT infrastructure and maintenance.

Technology Advantage

Having the best-in-class technology at your fingertips to facilitate the delivery of the desired results to your business. If the ideal application is available in the market, then it could be identified and utilized, or it could be built from scratch. Therefore, outsourcing to professionals prevents you from having to invest in technology in-house and spend on its maintenance.

Telecom Call Centre

Some leading telecom companies that have outsourced before are planning to increase their outsourced services. This is because they have seen significant changes in their services when they first tried it.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most popular services they outsource. It allows them to give 24/7 service to their customers and have an omnichannel approach in attending to their concerns.

Technical Support

Outsourcing technical support, meanwhile, gives them access to experts in resolving technical concerns. These talents know how to troubleshoot their devices and connection and give advice to customers on how to better take care of the product.

Finance Billing

Like other businesses, telecom companies also outsource billing operations to accounting firms when needed.

Lead Generation

Outsourcing lead generation also helps telecom companies gather more potential customers and turn them to sales. They conduct cold calls, email marketing, and research needed to attract the targeted demographics of campaigns and make them patronize their products.

Telecom Outsourcing Companies

Fiji is the most popular outsourcing country for businesses, including telecom companies. We have the best and experienced talents in the field of customer service, IT, and accounting at a fraction of the cost of local talent. With the support of the Fijian government, BPO companies are also able to provide high-quality technology needed for their operations. The Fijian telecom outsourcing organizations provide cost-effective BPO support services for companies engaged in providing services related to wireless, telecommunications, broadband Internet, cable, satellite TV and phones, Wi-Fi, wimax, 3G and 4G (LTE), traditional telephone local and long distance services, and DSL. Enterprises that will benefit from our services include fixed line operators, mobile network operators, wireless service providers, internet service providers (ISPs), satellite operators, broadcasters, cable companies and others.

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