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RCL Services

RCL Services

RCL Services Pte Limited is part of a larger group of companies called Recoveries Corporation Group Limited. Recoveriescorp has been in existence for 29 years now and officially opened on September 19, 2016. RCL Services is a contact centre and a business process outsourcing company specialising in debt recovery and insurance claims recovery services. We lead the way in delivering innovative and tailored end-to-end solutions for our clients. With 600+ employees and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Suva, we aim to be “The Leading Partner in Customer Contact Solutions across Australasia” and have key expertise in the Federal, State, and local government, insurance, banking and finance, telecommunications, and utilities sectors.

The Services They Offer

RCL Services is a leading partner in end-to-end customer contact solutions. Our Fiji-based operations allow clients access to:

  • Business process services.
  • Handling incoming calls.
  • A nearshore debt recovery model.
  • Skip tracing solutions.
  • Infrastructure and office space.

The offering provides clients with:

  • First-party branded communications.
  • Tailored operations and dedicated client resources to represent the client brands.
  • It has a flexible operational capacity of up to 400 staff.
  • Custom-built software. 
  • Business intelligence and analytics.

Director’s Testimonial

Fiji remains a standout. Being an outsourcer ourselves, clients need to be able to travel to the destinations for audits and assess the rigour of our operation, so Fiji is convenient in terms of timezones and one of the things that attracted us was the pool of graduates. The people here learn and speak English quite extensively. When we speak to our clients’ customers, we are representing them, so a good customer service team is crucial, and the Fijian people have great customer service.

Nicholas Harrak CEO, Recoverycorp


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