Mindpearl is an international multilingual contact centre and a business process outsourcing expert. Driven by our 3 guiding principles of People, Partnership, and Performance, we strive to deliver the ultimate brand experience with consistency and conviction across geographies and time zones.

Our largest facility is located in Suva, the capital of the Fiji Islands, and was established in 2009. From Fiji, we support clients and their customers from literally all over the world, delivering consistent standards. With a dedicated team and a contact centre fitted with your branding, they are an extension of your team.

Why set up an outsourcing company in Fiji?

Mindpearl came to Fiji for the people; they are the friendliest on the planet. We knew they had a warm, neutral, caring accent, and we knew the customer’s reaction to learning that their call had been answered in Fiji would be a pleasant surprise. We knew we had access to an abundant, well-educated workforce, well-versed in instinctive customer-centric behavior. We knew we had a near-shore location, without traffic hassles and with a very friendly time zone, and we knew the cost model was a revelation.

The Services They Offer

Mindpearl offers businesses across the globe customized multichannel customer service and support. The flexible outsourcing services are seamlessly channeled via our contact centres. Mindpearl is outsourcing made simple.

  • Clients can expect 24/7 coverage, cost efficiencies, higher agent occupancy, and business continuity through the use of Avaya call center infrastructure between sites, supported by a global MPLS network.
  • Multilingual and extended operation hour service requirements through a balanced use of global sites.
  • Mindpearl offers customer service through their dedicated team and a contact centre fitted with your branding.
  • Mindpearl offers guidance on sales strategies, customer service enhancements, disaster recovery, systems usage, multichannel support, or customer interaction.
  • Outsourcing – Whether you are a seasoned user of outsourcing services or have never outsourced before, we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Mindpearls’ aim is to make outsourcing a human experience, whether for large businesses looking to partner for performance or small businesses looking to grow with people.
  • Provide thorough training:
    – Our quality analysis is focused on increasing customer experience, product knowledge, and soft skills.
    – Efficiency is monitored and plans are implemented on a regular basis with regular coaching.
  • Mindpearl staff are diverse and are able to speak over 25 different languages around the world.

Director’s Testimonial

What has surprised us tremendously is the pride our team takes in representing global brands on the world stage as proud Fijians. It’s a pathos that is ingrained in the locals from birth and that is taking Fiji positively to the world. We can’t train it, we didn’t build it, and we certainly didn’t bring it with us. It is a wonderful silver lining to one of the best decisions we ever made to come to Fiji to do business… and you should too.
William Pattison CEO, Mindpearl


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