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Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the world. They are responsible for maintaining people’s health and well-being. Over the coming decade, there will be an increase in demand for healthcare industries to provide better services. This is expected with the rise of teleconsultation, medical apps, and the discovery of new relieves and preventative measures. These advancements can affect the budget and resources of a company, whether small or large. Hiring additional local talents can be impractical and may limit them from offering the best services they have. This is why outsourcing in the healthcare industry is popular. Hospitals outsource their services so their medical professionals can focus on giving extensive care to their patients. Besides IT services, healthcare companies also hire virtual assistants to assist them in administrative tasks. Here are the top services that healthcare companies outsource.


Other than customer support, medical billing operations is one of the services healthcare companies outsource to countries like Fiji. This helps in processing and preparing patients’ invoices promptly and accurately to avoid mistakes when processing.


Outsourced transcriptionists are more experienced in clarifying and transcribing medical data from audio or video recordings. They can precisely interpret data from medical reports and other medical documents that clients require.

Processing Claims 

Processing claims is also a sought-after service to outsource to healthcare BPO companies. This is especially useful for companies receiving a high volume of claims daily. They screen the documents of each patient to check their eligibility for receiving a claim.


Increasingly, healthcare companies are finding themselves in need to provide 24/7 extensive service, especially when an emergency happens to a patient. Online receptions and help desks are life-savers, providing assistance and resolving patients’ concerns on behalf of the company.

Fiji’s Healthcare Outsourcing Companies

Fiji’s BPO companies, provide everything required to operate an outsourced team for their healthcare clients. This includes infrastructures, office spaces, and certifications to ensure they follow proper processes. They also hire licensed and experienced professionals for the team. Find out more here about Fiji’s BPOs who offer IT and customer services for the healthcare industry.