Outsource Fiji


Businesses in utilities and energy have long been outsourcing some of their back-office functions. Besides this, outsourcing manpower services are predicting an increase in popularity with the rise of apps and websites that offer on-call utility services. Utility and energy companies offer professional services, too, through hiring outsourced electrical engineers. So many businesses in the industry can now benefit from hiring business process outsourcing (BPO) companies to offset the added costs of managing the new stream of calls. All of this requires a dedicated BPO team to handle customers’ calls for scheduling, billing and invoicing, maintenance, and repair.

Managing Schedules

Virtual assistants and schedulers are equipped to manage the schedules of on-call utilities and energy companies. Their diligent work avoids mix up and confusion with scheduling for clients so they can gain new customers and/or keep existing customers happy.


Aside from balancing the finances of the company, BPOs in Fiji offer bookkeeping services that can prepare invoices for customers and file taxes to avoid penalties and delays.


Outbound call centres can also help in reminding your customers about billings and appointments. They can also make changes in the appointments whenever the client wants to.

Fiji’s Utilities and Energy Outsourcing Companies

Fiji offers the best professionals and talents for energy and utility management. BPOs in Fiji who specialize in contact centres and finance can help with all of your energy and utilities outsourcing requirements. In hiring an outsourcing team, your business can get high-quality service at a fraction of local employment. The BPO companies in Fiji can address your outsourcing demands and create a specialized offer for you. Contact us below for more details: