ANZ Pacific Operations

ANZ Pacific Operations

ANZ Pacific

ANZ has been serving Fiji and the region for the last 141 years. It is represented in 11 countries across the region as ANZ bank and participates in trade and investment with business partners in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia sites. ANZ Pacific Operations opened in 2002 to support the growth agenda for Asia Pacific with over 300 staff that perform over 1.2 million transactions a month. As a bank, they have the capability and the capacity to help customers grow their businesses in the region, and this extends to clients who are setting up their businesses in the BPO sector.

Why Should You Choose Fiji?

Fiji is the hub of the Pacific. This presents many opportunities for a number of companies operating from the Pacific. Fiji is strategically located to make it easier to travel within the region faster and efficiently for business. The world-class infrastructure in Fiji is an attractive feature for businesses, and the use of optic fiber in the country ensures efficient processing of transactions. In addition to these features, Fijians possess a natural service culture that is part of their nature and doesn’t require much training as it comes naturally to them.

The Services They Offer

ANZ provides the following support for BPOs:

  • Provide financial functions, including financial control, to all countries in the region.
  • Financial Planning
  • Property management and procurement
  • ANZ can link the whole region from Fiji and link it to the group finance out of Melbourne

Director’s Testimonial

“The resilience that comes with the Pacific people is not one that comes easily to any other place. They bring their best, whether it’s the worst cyclone or the COVID pandemic, and the 98% of our workforce building resilience in business continuity by working from home, delivering the best service can attest to that. And with the right outlook, the right investment, the right infrastructure and governance process, I think there are enormous opportunities here in Fiji.”

Ritesh Singh Manager, ANZ Operations Limited

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