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Airline Reservations, Hospitality, & Travel

Airline Reservations, Hospitality, & Travel

The travel and hospitality industries cover a similar range of services where competition is very high. Small and large travel businesses keep their quality services affordable to keep them ahead of the competition. So they employ business process outsourcing (BPO) companies to help them ease the burden of tasks. At a lower cost, they can also assure that they get the best service for their client base. Generally, travel agencies cover the hard work of arranging clients’ travels. They need to provide competitive prices and the best services to stay in the market. With this, both airlines and travel agencies can take advantage of outsourcing to get ahead of the competition. Usually, they delegate processes such as booking and reservations, helpdesk, processing of refunds and claims, and procurement.

Booking and Reservations

Booking flights, hotels, transportation, tours, entertainment, and packages can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s why to outsource booking agents to help book customers professionally and efficiently. You can also provide a 24/7 booking service with your Fijian outsourcing team to ensure continuity and convenience for your customers.


Airlines and travel agencies extend their customer service and can be available for their customers 24/7. They can set up a helpdesk by outsourcing to a call centre so they can run their services even at weekends and after office hours.

Processing Refunds and Claims

Emergencies and last-minute changes are inevitable and sometimes can not be avoided. Therefore, customers require a host of services from refunds to travel insurance claims for a cancelled trip, lost baggage, or a delayed flight. Data entry specialists assist your business process these claims and fulfil your customers’ requests efficiently.


Researching for the best deals takes time and effort. They need to source the lowest prices for flights, transport, and hotel, especially during the holiday season. Outsourcing procurement to a travel BPO alleviates the burden of researching and helps agencies select the best deals for their clients.

Fiji BPO Travel Outsourcing Companies

Aside from being a travel destination, Fiji is also a popular outsourcing country for IT and customer service. We can help small and large travel agencies in the world fulfil their needs and focus on growth and expansion. BPO companies in Fiji have compliances and recognitions that prove their great service. To learn more, connect with us below.