Acton is a 100% Fijian-owned and operated cloud company with a key focus in business intelligence and financial systems having major customers in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and Europe (Ireland), and of course here at home. We have an unprecedented shared-ownership business model whereby all employees have certain stake in the company, which was primarily intended for the purpose of addressing brain-drain in the ICT field. We provide end-to-end services which include scope, design and development of enterprise software, implementation of these software, testing, training, and on-going support. From 2 founders in 2017, we employ close to 30 of some of Fiji’s finest talent today, with about 15 of them being fresh graduates from local institutes. All these have garnered us both local and international recognition, becoming the youngest company in Fiji’s history to win the PMs International Business Award in 2019 and the first Pacific Islanders to be inducted into the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2020.

Why Fiji?

Fiji lies at the heart of everything that we do.The founding motivation for ACTON was to prevent brain-drain, we had to establish outsourcing presence in markets we often lose talent to: Australia and New Zealand were identified as the major market (where our biggest customers are based), while USA, Canada and UK were the other three markets. Our shared ownership business model assures our customers that nothing short of excellence is always delivered, because every piece of work ACTON produces is actually done by an owner. The has led to ACTON quickly building a reputation for high-quality work in the markets we export to. Furthermore, the ‘Fiji’ brand is a powerful global brand for all the good reasons we know and love, in particular in our target markets. It is synonymous with great hospitality, friendliness and reliable people. We wrapped that up in the outsourcing language and came up with a product that not only exudes exotic, but trust, quality and care. We continue to achieve milestones that consistently support the logic that Fiji has some of the finest tech talents. A big part of the equation was to come up with a way to retain our top talent that we would otherwise lose to brain drain, and we have majorly succeeded in that.

The Services They Offer

Acton Fiji is a provider of enterprise digital transformation products and services through their core expertise in cloud business intelligence and financial system solutions. While our core specialty is around cloud services, they also provide development and delivery of a whole host of on-premise solutions. They specialize in the end-to-end implementation of the cutting-edge world-class Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Solutions, namely Business Central and Finance & Operations. We also provide software development services for Learning Management Systems (LMS) for higher education, custom tailor-made full-stack software solutions, and support desk services.

Director’s testimonial 

Acton Fiji is a company that embodies the belief that the right synthesis of great people and great technology can produce amazing things for our customers and partners. Our passion for technology and Fiji breathes purpose into what we do every day, and we are proud to be part of a company that is deeply rooted into the fabric of the Fijian society and built on care, concern, and unrelenting passion. We are firmly committed to delivering the absolute best at what we do to the delight of our esteemed customers. We continue to grow immensely, realizing and exhibiting Fiji’s world-class digital transformation technology talent to not only locals but to the rest of the world. Having built strategic alliances and partnerships with leading technology providers across the globe, we deliver a unique blend of local touch and cutting-edge expertise to our customers, both here and abroad.

Sanjesh Kumar – Director


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