Our Pacific Office

Our Pacific Office

Located in Fiji, Our Pacific Office has been offering cost-effective BPO solutions since 2015, providing top tier talent to help grow businesses.

Outsourcing works best for repetitive tasks such as payroll support, virtual receptionist, reservations, outbound/inbound sales, customer service; these skills can be transferred from business to business, industry to industry. We work with clients across various industries, including; construction, tourism and transport, medical and property services, contact centre, e-commerce and real estate.

We know Fijians, we know Australians, and we understand how to integrate the two. Below are some of the advantages:

  • Our Australian directors work on-site in Fiji to oversee your teams.
  • We have a large amount of workforce available to us.
  • We’ve got a great relationship with nearby universities that recommend us to recent graduates.
  • Our cost-competitive notable reviews from our clients can give you proof of our success.

Fijians share the spirit of Australia, are rich in educated talent and have a lower cost of living and wages. Our Pacific Office brings it all together at a rate as low as 70% less than an Australian wage; this is the answer for Australian businesses that want to cut their costs while remaining an extension of Australia.

Why Should You Choose Fiji?

Just two hours ahead of the Australian Eastern Seaboard, Fiji is an ideal yet often overlooked destination for business process outsourcing. The Philippines and India have long been on the radar of Australian businesses, but did you know that Fiji offers many of the same cost savings with the added benefit of a close cultural alignment, including incredibly strong voice talent? In a business environment, Australians and Fijians share the same strong work ethic, have an open approach to dealing with stakeholders, and will comfortably face and solve the challenges that form part of an average business day.

Our Pacific Office brings value to your business by working as an extension of your local team – helping you grow and thrive with the skills and resources you need, when you need them.
We’d love to support your growth by helping you build your own Pacific team. Call us or talk to one of our experts to get your business running with the right people starting today.

The Services They Offer

As your business grows, the roles and responsibilities being performed by your senior staff should also change, but too often this isn’t the case. High-value, high-cost personnel may find themselves completing low-value tasks alongside important new tasks such as strategic planning, budget allocation, and nurturing client relationships.

Freeing up your key personnel to focus on what really matters, outsourcing the low-value tasks to a lower-cost resource such as a dedicated offshore team, reduces your overall costs. We offer:

  • Bookkeeping services for an accountant.
  • Transcribing interviews for market research.
  • Managing reservations for a travel organisation.
  • Performing HR administration duties
  • Payroll support: these are not only favourable tasks, but they are also in very capable hands with our Pacific Office. It means that every member of your team, at every level, is working productively at what they do best.
  • We provide continuous management support and training for your offshore team members, to ensure that they each have the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to continue growing with your business well into the future.

And by entrusting us to recruit and manage your offshore team, your time can be better spent on the priorities that are going to take your organisation to the next level.

Clients' Testimonials

Valuable and cost effective service that allows our business to bring the very best of Business Process Outsourcing to our Australian based clients. The team genuinely care about their duties and take great pride in delivering a quality service to all with that Fijian smile!

Todd Pavlou – Director, Safe Hands Business Solutions

We are so grateful that we found Brad and Tracy of Our Pacific Office, they helped us to build our Fiji team quickly and within a couple of months we have an awesome supportive team working along side the rest of our Front Office team. They are extremely motivated and keen to learn and grow. Christine, Tracy and Brad have always worked with us, understood our requirements and been quick to work on solutions when required. It is so good to know that we have this extra support when needed. A very big thank you to you all at Our Pacific Office we are glad to be working with you.

Michelle Mills – Managing Director, Serviced Offices International



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