Bula Outsourcing

Bula Outsourcing

Bula Outsourcing is a business process outsourcing (BPO) organisation established in Fiji with a joint leadership team both locally and in Australia.

Established on 1 August 2021, Bula Outsourcing is a pre-eminent servicer of a cross-section of industries across New Zealand and Australia. Highly regarded locally and internationally, we are at the forefront of first-class service support in the Financial Sector.

Bula Outsourcing was a dream birthed by three main masters of their individual crafts: Mr Clive Kirkpatrick, Mr Aaron Milburn and Ms Josie Prasad – being a local herself who provided the additional rocket fuel to push the dream to Fiji. As CEO and MD of Bula Outsourcing, Ms Prasad is implementing several community based initiatives that will benefit Fijians through employment, mentorships and funding.

Why setup an outsourcing company in Fiji?

Our initial focus was to set up offshore elsewhere, but hearts were swayed by the local in terms of creating an alternate employment space to help those in Fiji. We saw clearly how impacted the economy was by the Coronavirus pandemic with major slowing of the tourism industry. With a shared vision and passion for aiding communities where possible Fiji felt right. The heart of Bula Outsourcing was hence born and set to always be for Fiji. The clients of Bula Outsourcing are corporate entities or groups in the financial services industry.

The services they offer

  • Financial Services and Broker Support
  • Virtual and Executive Assistant
  • Marketing and Support Executive
  • Graphic Designing
  • Lead Generation
  • Contact Centre Support
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance
  • Paraplanning
  • Administration Support
  • Operations Support
  • Data Engineering


Josie was born in Fiji. Father’s name Daya Prasad, born in Yasi yasi, Tavua. Mother, Marica Colati (nee Bai) born in Navolau, Tikina of Lomaivuna, Naitasiri and raised in Nameka, Tikina Taivugalei, Tailevu. Josie migrated to Australia in 1985. She studied and built up her businesses here in the Mortgage Broking and Financial Services industry.

Through the industry she met Clive Kirkpatrick a seasoned CEO who now resides on Boards, one being the Finance Brokers Association of Australia. Also added into the connection was an Outsourcing renown professional Aaron Milburn. Aaron has been involved in the Outsourcing industry for over 8 years. He instigated and set up the Operations for the business PSO (Pepper Philippines). His focus now is spent predominantly working with Global companies arranging the set up and execution of Outsourcing Hubs.

We initially started as a small business outsourcing, our Labour and workspaces from two Australian owned companies (Maxumise and Centrecom). The spaces available became limited so our need arose for our own premises to operate from. We have located a space in Ganilau house, that can cater for 100 FTE. Our need now is to register Bula Outsourcing as a Fijian entity.

The shift in business re-modelling will allow us to grow and meet the demand flowing on through for Admin services from the Australian Companies here. We have now a position of a high demand against our current level of supplying needed servicing. Corporate clients have now placed themselves on a waiting list to allow us to gather resources (agents) to service their businesses. Choice one of the larger Aggregators in Australia is one set to start in February. Discussions have also begun with the Bank of Queensland on process outsourcing.


In Bula Outsourcing we have incorporated initiatives that will allow us to give back to the communities with a large focus on education. We offer mentorship and education programs both in house and out. Our intention is to continue with the mentorship that we provide here in Australia to Fiji.

The development and growth of our people is an integral part to our business. We have three programs in place within the business at the moment, our Bula Community Spirit, the Bula Wellness Program (focused on Staff Health and wellbeing) and a new Bula Rugby Women’s Youth Development. Here in Australia we sponsor a number of Rugby initiatives, one being the NSWFRU.

The program focuses on protecting Diaspora and educating our players on preparing for the future. We also sponsored the Tailevu Sevens first tournament held here in Sydney. The Bula Rugby Women’s Youth Development was started by an approach from a Fijiana’s advocate Naomi Roberts, requesting mentorship for the new young women’s team, the Lilian Amazons. We are Bula Outsourcing are very excited to start this journey with them. Great news for us also is that Michael Cheika an Australian known Rugby coach and ex player has agreed to be our Bula Ambassador going forward. Michael is very much looking forward to becoming involved with the community in Fiji assisting where he can.


The Business outline provided we hope explains our inspiration and objectives going forward. We are so looking forward to working with Fiji in building a reputable brand that reflects our Core Values. We show Respect, We act with Integrity, and We Deliver.

There is a love for Fiji that reflects in our client’s personas when introduced to our offerings.

Fiji has always incited thoughts of joy, happiness and friendliness. We believe in our cold hard Australian industry here clients are searching for the warm trusting relationships. This is proven by the waiting list we have of clients looking forward to beginning their journey with Bula Outsourcing.

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