Why Outsourcing Helps Businesses Grow

Why Outsourcing Helps Businesses Grow

Why Outsourcing Helps Businesses Grow

By Star Global Solutions

Outsourcing vs in-house hiring is one of the debates that many businesses have, however, in the case of
Fiji being an outsourcing destination, the majority of Australia and New Zealand-based businesses have opted to outsource their operations to Fiji as the country is able to provide premium and quality staff at a relatively competitive rate (amongst other great tax incentives!). As these international businesses grow, they tend to expand and look for a quality workforce but are faced with the tough decision of choosing between these two strategies, therefore, to help businesses make the right decision, Star Global Solution will be sharing some of the advantages that have helped us in saving resources in a variety of ways! For instance:

1. Saving up to 70% on labor costs
Outsourcing a new team to Fiji helps businesses expand without spending too much on additional labor
costs and other miscellaneous expenses. While we’re looking at savings of up to 70%, most businesses in
Fiji’s outsourcing industry is happily paying above the minimum wage rate and is giving Fijians exposure to international business processes and clients. It’s a win-win situation for both!

2. Professional talent pool
Fiji has a highly qualified workforce with the majority of Fijians speaking the English language, and with neutral accents! One of the reasons why Star Global Solutions has chosen Fiji for its nearshoring operations is the country’s ability to produce and maintain a professional talent pool. Fiji has three universities that allow its people to get access to the required training and education – with hundreds and thousands of graduates from accounting, admin and finance, marketing, and ICT (to name a few) coming out every year!

Star Global Solutions has hired vast skill sets employees such as accountants, call centre agents, data entry
operators, and graphic designers. This is a great boom in Fiji’s workforce and employment, especially during the pandemic. With great training and industry experience, Fiji’s workforce has the ability to deal with overseas markets and standards. It’s a great experience for all!

“There are exciting developments occurring in Fiji and the Government is encouraging the private sector
to participate in the country’s economic and social progress. As a person of Fijian origin, I am keen to work with businesses and investors to promote the best interests of Fiji, and I could not think of a better way to give back to my country than outsourcing to Fiji!” ~ Sheetal Rana, Director of Star Global Solutions.

3. No-hassle setup
It may seem like a hectic task for a business to begin its outsourcing operations in a new country, however, for Fiji – this may not be the case! There is no need to invest in an office space or equipment immediately if you’re starting small. Fiji already has BPOs who are willing to lease office spaces that new businesses can use for their start-ups!

Star Global Solutions – what we do
For early-stage companies and small agencies, things such as accounting rarely require a full-time employee because the related workload is so small. For larger organizations, BPO companies can offer a reliable, convenient, and hassle-free service that allows them to not worry about a specific business aspect. It’s also common for companies big and small to turn to external agencies for their expertise. For instance, a specialized marketing agency might be able to bring you broader industry know-how and hence better results than a less experienced in-house team. Typically, the decision is made on a cost-analysis-based approach – is it cheaper in the short- and long-term for a business to hire a BPO company, instead of a dedicated employee/team? That’s where we come in! Since 2015, Star Global Solutions have been helping companies of all sizes internationally. Based in Nadi, Fiji, we help businesses increase their productivity, streamline processes, achieve efficiency, and save money through outsourcing. We offer an integrated set of back-office and customer-related front-office services that support the entire consumer-provider life cycle. Our competitive rates and exceptional services make for a cost-effective option for companies in this business market while boosting growth and opportunities in Fiji’s workforce. Our goal is to help our clients maximize their customer’s lifetime value and increase their competitive advantage by helping drive productivity and efficiency. Star Global Solutions offers a vast range of services which include:

• Lead generation
• Inbound, outbound services
• Bookkeeping
• Data entry / Processing
• Graphic design
• HR recruitment
• Payroll
• Chat services
• Marketing services
• Other customized services

Star Global Solutions is a member of the Business Process Outsourcing Council of Fiji, also known as
Outsource Fiji. Outsource Fiji is an industry body that aims to foster a conducive ecosystem for Fiji’s
outsourcing industry, by marketing Fiji as the outsourcing destination of choice and enabling the industry
to become a sustainable pillar for the economy.